Booking & Cancellation Policy

American Hotel Booking & Cancellation Policy

All bookings made through this site are confirmed, subject to any conditions highlighted during the booking process. Changes to bookings cannot be made through this website. To make booking changes or cancellations, contact American Hotel Hostel at 206-622-5443 or following applies to cancellations: [list] [*]More than 24 hours in advance of arrival time: deposit forfeited; no additional charges. [*]Within 24 hours of arrival time: equivalent to the cost of one night’s stay. [*]No cancellation received: equivalent to a maximum of two nights’ stay. [*]Group bookings with two or more weeks’ advance notice: deposit refunded in full. [*]Group bookings with less than two weeks’ notice: entire deposit forfeited. [/list] For the purpose of calculating cancellation charges, arrival time at the hostel is considered 18:00hrs (6pm) local time. This applies to cancellations only, not to late arrivals. All cancellation charges are made by the hostel to the same credit card number provided during booking.