Student Housing

Dorm-style Housing for Washington State college students

[i][b]Features & Amenities[/b][/i] [list] [*]Daily continental breakfast from 6a-9a [*]All utilities provided (including WiFi) [*]Rooms cleaned weekly [*]TV/video room, library/game room, coin op washers/dryers, public computers, and free WiFi [*]Uwajimaya international grocery store one block away [*]Close to restaurants & entertainment [*]Residents and guests from all over the USA and world [*]Light rail, trains, busses -- all within a few blocks [*]A new street car connecting the hostel, Capitol Hill, Seattle Central Community College and Seattle University is coming soon! [/list] [b]Interested? Keep reading![/b] [list] [*] Student Housing is temporary and available from Fall through Spring terms. Students should plan to move at the end of Spring term. [*]Monthly costs are only $550 per person for double occupancy or $750 for a private room. [*]Access to all hostel amenities are included in this rate. [*]A $50 non-refundable cleaning fee is required for all residents. [*]A non-refundable $50 fee for a background check for domestic students is required. [*]Visitors are welcome in common areas, but not in your room. Overnight guests may stay for three days at $35 per night, plus tax. [*]Weekly housekeeping (changing sheets, vacuuming, etc..) is provided IF your room is available for entry and ready for cleaning. [*]You are responsible for any damages you cause to the American Hotel and will be charged for repairs. [*]The American Hotel is non-smoking, drug and alcohol-free. [/list] [b]Interested in learning more?[/b]Email us at [b][i][/i][/b] or call [b]206-622-5443[/b]We'd love to hear from you!